Frequently Asked Questions

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I am interested in becoming a Feldenkrais practitioner - what should I do?

ETAB accredits training courses in most of Europe and Israel.
Please visit our Trainings & Trainers page to find out and download what courses are currently available.

You will find one page per training - there you can see where it is taking place and the dates. Once you have found some that are convenient for you, it is best to contact the organisers directly for all other details - including costs. ETAB only provides the accreditation, it doesn´t run the actual trainings.

I am looking for a Feldenkrais teacher in my area, what should I do?

ETC & ETAB don´t actually hold information about individual practitioners as we are responsible for the accreditation of trainings and trainers. The best way to find a practioner is to contact the Guild of the country where you live.

A comprehensive list of Guilds can be found on the IFF website.

I am interested in running a training what should I do?

Click here to find out everything you need to apply to run a Training Programme.

Please note - this process can take a few months so apply well in advance of your proposed starting date.

I am interested in applying to be an Assistant Trainer/Trainer Candiate/Trainer what should I do?

Please visit our Personal Application page to download the relevent information.