Personal Applications

Assistant Trainer or Trainer Candidate/Trainer application processes for existing Feldenkrais practitioners.

How to become a Assistant Trainer or Trainer Candidate/Trainer.

Please click on the links to access the international guidelines for personal applications.

Assistant Trainer
Candidates are expected to be of exemplary reputation and character and in compliance with the Certification requirements, and the Code of Professional Conduct and Standards of Practice of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD® of North America. Applications will be accepted after the five year anniversary of graduation from an accredited Professional Feldenkrais Training Programme.

Trainer Candidate / Trainer
Trainer Candidacy is a process of transition; it is meant for those actively seeking full trainer certification. In the process of applying to become a trainer, the first phase is to fulfill the criteria necessary to enter the "trainer candidacy phase". The second phase is to work with a guidance committee to fulfill and demonstrate "trainer competencies".
For very experienced Assistant Trainers there is the possibility of a fast-track to Trainer Candidacy.