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The Proposed Alternative Pathway

We are initiating the first phase of proposing a new policy. We are collecting feedback for the idea until the end of April (two questions - scroll down).

The initial rationale of an alternative pathway of becoming a trainer was presented by the EuroTAB at the IFF Assemblies 2014 / 2015. It was met with an enthusiastic response which spurred us on to develop a procedure and policy for an Alternative Pathway to become a trainer.

Open the door! - establish equivalence
The Alternative Pathway policy proposal is intended to open the door to any proficient practitioner who has achieved a high level of practice within the Feldenkrais method and whose work shows creative pedagogical approaches, to be able to function as Trainer in Feldenkrais trainings.

The proposed policy is based on proving skill and competency by establishing equivalence, thus providing for the multiple ways in which a practitioner can develop trainer skills other than through the quantified, specified and limited options that exist in the current trainer policy. See video to get an overview of the Project, then study the related draft documents (links on side bar right). Please provide us with your feedback and considerations (scroll down for related links and contact information)

Please note that we do not propose annulling the current trainer policy – we propose adding a new policy to the existing one so that applicants to trainer status can find the path most adapted to their specific situation.

Quality versus quantity; multiplicity rather than narrow path

Let us know what you think! EuroTAB is happy to receive feedback to the following two items:

What do you think of our idea of opening the door through establishing equivalence?

Tell us your considerations regarding the draft documents

(use feedback button or write to ap(at)eurotab.org)

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