EuroTAB is the educational expertise board, the elected educational working group of EuroTabCouncil.

EuroTAB takes care of maintaining quality and content in Professional Training curriculae. We also regularly review curriculum proposals, and work together with the other three international TABs to maintain the internationally agreed upon Training Accreditation Guidelines (TAGs). Our labelling "TAB accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme" is a recognised qualification throughout the worldwide Feldenkrais community.

The EuroTAB assesses and accredits personnel such as Assistant Trainer and Trainer Applications (in collaboration with the other three global TABs).

We also maintain complete lists of all TAB accredited Trainings; as well as accredited Assistant Trainers and Trainers.
You find all guidelines needed to complete applications, and lists, available to download in the respective sections.

Besides assessment and accreditation, the EuroTAB works on specified projects such as the "Assessment Tool". You will find more information on the Projects page, as well as the possibility to give feedback where appropriate.