EuroTAB Council (ETC)

The EuroTAB Council (ETC) is the governing body of EuroTAB

The ETC is the governing body of EuroTAB. It is made up of democratically elected representatives from the nine European and Israeli member Guilds.

ETC takes care of finances, resources, recruiting members for both committees, bringing forward ideas to the community and ratifying agreed policies.

The current ETC affliliated countries are:
Austria - France - Israel - Italy - Norway - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - UK

How do we work?

ETC (and ETAB) members are volunteers from the European and Israeli Feldenkrais professional community. No-one is paid, but expenses are covered.

The Council deals with the legal, financial, ethical, policy making issues in order to allow the EuroTAB to concentrate on educational content. The Council is made up of one elected representative per member Guild, and works through a democratic process.

ETC meets once a month, via Zoom (an alternative to Skype), to discuss and decide on issues that come up over the course of the year. A live meeting is held annually, in a European or Israeli city to work together in person over a longer period, (usually 2 1/2 days), allowing issues to be looked at in greater depth, and to meet each other, so that the group can work better together.

In addition, the democratically elected Board of Directors, (consisting of a smaller group made up of members of the council) can make executive decisions, on certain subjects where necessary, to facillitate smoother running of ETC. This also meets once a month, by Zoom.

Members of ETC and ETAB meet together monthly or bi-monthly to allow for easy communication and coherent working between the two groups.

Who can see the workings of ETC?

Minutes are held, and are made available, when requested, to the Board chairs of member country guilds.

A yearly report is written post-live meeting by one of the BoD.